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Unlike our competitors, we give you the highest quality and most durable mattresses, furniture, and beddings at prices that will keep you smiling like a cat in a birdhouse.!

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It only comes down to 3 things, and as always, Mattress Factory Direct exceeds industry standards in all categories. 

1. Getting hard working families approved without credit is no problem for the EasyPay – No Credit Check family or maybe you just don’t want your credit pulled for any reason, no problem at all. We keep it all confidential and your credit will ever be pulled. 

It’s really easy to own it – apply now and you’ll get the biggest spending limit up to $6500, its way bigger, based on your income and past performances and won’t have  nothing to do with credit or FICO scores.

You get everything you need all at once. Your job and clean bank account is your credit, it won’t matter if your employed, retired, getting social security or disability its for anyone that has a job with at least $1000 income, and a job for at least 3 months and is direct deposited into your bank account is all the proof required. 


EasyPay Makes it Simple to get                                                   back into Prime Lending

Most mattress companies in Dalton GA offer some type of payment program at fair to higher cost to their customers. Mattress Factory Direct offers better solutions to re-building your credit.

Some of you that may of had slower credit in the past have a great chance to move back into prime lending. Your credit score is only a number, everyone has had medical bills, student loans, maybe credit cards with some slow pays, even repos. If you think you have been trending to the upside in the past two years and are current on what you have, like personal loans, car loans, credit cards, then allow the professionals to take a second look at your credit. 

A credit score is only a number, 529, 622, 730 it doesn’t tell the real truth about hard working families, even those with the best score have times of difficulties, maybe they have a 730 but have other loans or maybe bought a house, automatically they are told “OVER EXTENDED” but you are not actually over extended if you can afford to pay for it. RIGHT?? We can’t say what our lender will approve or deny but let the pros decide that’s what we do. 

EasyPay V.I.P – O’k To Good Credit                            Lower Payments, than our Competitors                                                        at twice the price.

not only are you getting a really good extra low interest rate, you have to keep in mind how much money you’re saving right off the top. at Dalton Mattress Sale – Mattress Factory Direct you get the very best prices on bedroom furniture and Mattresses, so low you will tell everyone you bought it wholesale and makes the cost of financing, virtually free but if you buy at any of our competitors, you pay the actually retail price with the retail financing on top.

Mattress Factory Direct exceeds in all things that are most important to their customers first, and ensure once you meet or talk to one of the staff, you will fill at home and worry free with the desire to do lots of business in the future. 


Finally, you’ll be at home with Mattress Factory Direct and when you share us with all your friends and family you’ll be confident in knowing they are in good hands.

We sell products that are best for you, not what is best for us…

Unlike other furniture and mattress companies, we have your utmost satisfaction in mind. Though we love profit, everybody does; we prefer to sell quality, and durable products ate the lowest possible prices.

Fast Delivery

We have one of the quickest delivery processes in the industry. We deliver your order promptly, we receive your order and scheduling whats best for you. We work around schedules so don’t worry.. We love fast service ourselves.

100% Personalized Service

We have a personal approach to our customers. We give you a personalized experience, so you don’t feel like you’re dealing with robots of some companies that care more about profit than you. If we’ve done anything that decreases your customer satisfaction; we are willing to go above and beyond to correct the experience.


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Don’t miss out on our amazing furniture and mattress deals.


Mattress Factory Direct is your one-stop store for quality and affordable furniture and mattresses deals in Dalton GA. Not only do we offer “the coolest mattresses in Dalton GA”, but we also provide the best quality Old West Furniture – Real Solid Wood Western Rustic Bedroom Furniture built to last for generations. We also offer the biggest selection of memory foam, pocketed coil hybrid mattresses, pillows, sheets, and other beddings.

Do you still wonder why
we are the best for you?

Our mattresses which are handmade with the greatest attention to detail are produced using the choicest natural materials in the industry. They are designed to give you a firsthand experience of what it feels like to experience maximum comfortability right in your bedroom. With special techniques and strategies to prevent the mattresses and furniture from losing their quality, they give you the rare opportunity to enjoy the comfort and pampering experience for an extended period.

Whether you are young or old, feeble or healthy, tired or energetic, our Dalton mattresses are designed to accommodate your health situations.

Some of the unique features of our perfect mattresses include but not limited to superb fill power, lightweight nature, exceptional thermal properties, warmness, softness, durability, aesthetic beauty and texture which are all geared at giving you the best experience.

Which better way of enjoying excellent value
for your money than this!

As experts in the sale of mattress and furniture in Dalton GA, we sell mattress produced with the sole aim of helping different natures of people achieve a perfect sleep. With the use of natural materials, latest high tech production techniques and our excellent customer service, we position ourselves on top of the industry competition, to serve you best.

Our mattresses come in different sizes including twin size, double size, queen size, king size, California king size, adjustable beds with massage functions and other custom sizes which ensures everyone gets a share in these incredible mattresses.

If what you want is quality rest, Mattress Factory Direct mattresses and furniture is what you need!

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